Love Driving?

Volunteer with your local Link Scheme or Community Minibus Group.

There are currently 45 local Link (volunteer car driver) Schemes and 21 Community Minibus Groups in Wiltshire and Swindon, with a friendly and dedicated community of over 2,000 volunteers who keep vulnerable people connected to vital services including medical care.

Connecting Communities

Approximately 6,800-10,000 rural households have no access to a car in Wiltshire and Swindon. Many of these people also live more than an hour away from a hospital by public transport. Volunteer led community transport services like Link Schemes and Community Minibus Groups support people to access public services easily and more readily.

Relieving Loneliness

Research has shown that community transport services help people to stay healthy and active for longer by improving access to medical care and supporting emotional wellbeing for people who are isolated. Link Schemes and Community Minibus Groups help relieve the burden of loneliness by giving people the opportunity to socialise and remain active in their community.

Your Support, Our Ambition

The local community transport service supported by Community First is one of the most successful schemes in the country. But as the local population increases (and ages), demand for community transport is growing. We are looking for new volunteers in Wiltshire and Swindon to support the service.

To keep up with rising demand, we have ambitious plans for 2017 and we need your help.

Last year volunteer Link drivers travelled over 920,000 miles, connecting local people to vital services. This year we are looking for 150 new volunteers to help us reach a million miles travelled by Link Schemes and significantly increase miles travelled by minibus groups too.

Get Involved

Do you love driving? Do you enjoy meeting people and getting out and about in your local community? Your local Link Scheme or Community Minibus Group would love to hear from you!

With over 2,000 volunteers supporting community transport in Wiltshire and Swindon, you will be joining a friendly group of likeminded people who make a real difference in their local community:

  • Meet new people
  • Help your community
  • Your mileage paid



Calne & District Link Scheme


Kennet Community Transport  

“I’ve been  volunteering for 8 years now and I do it because I love driving, I love meeting people and it gets me out of the house for a couple of hours. I find   it really invigorating.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. It’s obviously doing such a lot of good for a huge amount of people and it’s nice to be involved…You get to meet a lot of local people.”


Devizes  & District Link Scheme


Holt Community Bus

“I like volunteering with Link very much, because it is a way of helping the community, meeting a lot of new people and having some wonderful stories told to me.”

“I think it’s important to belong to something that’s useful. I like being involved, like helping people and its very satisfying to do so.”


To find out more about volunteering give us a ring or send us an email. We can send you a volunteer application form and put you in touch with your local Link Scheme or Community Minibus Group:

Telephone: 01380 722 241



More Information

Interested in finding out more about Community Transport in Wiltshire & Swindon? We’ve created a visual guide to the service in our handy Visual Guide to Wiltshire Link Schemes and Community Minibus Groups infographic. (click on the link and then click on the image again and it will enlarge to a full size image)

In their own words: Watch a short film featuring some of our volunteers

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Seeking New Volunteer Car Drivers for Salisbury

Community Transport South Wiltshire, the community transport group based in Salisbury that provides transport for people of limited mobility, is in urgent need of volunteer car drivers.  As the registered charity struggles to meet demand, many people are left unable to access the transport they need just to live a normal life.

Ni Coldridge, the charity’s Car Scheme Manager, explains, “We are a lifeline for hundreds of people in and around Salisbury.  With our help, people who would otherwise find it hard to get out of the house can keep active and involved.  Thanks to us they can make those important journeys, to the doctors, to go shopping or to visit friends or family.  But we are really struggling to keep up with demand, and have a growing waiting list for new members.  We desperately need some new volunteer drivers.”

Ni Coldridge adds:  “Driving for us is an easy, enjoyable and fulfilling way to make a big difference.  Our members are able to transfer in and out of a car, even those in a wheelchair, so it’s not a demanding role.  All it takes is a supporting arm and a little patience.  In return, our drivers get a great sense of satisfaction.  And we pay expenses, so no one who helps us will be out of pocket.  We’d love to hear from anyone who enjoys meeting people and who has their own car and some time to spare.”

Janet, who has been a member of the charity since its inception, says of its services, “I don’t know what I’d do without them.  The service means I can get to Shopmobility each week, and they also take me to a dance class and bowling.  If it wasn’t for them I’d just have to stay in my flat.”

Bernard has been a volunteer driver for a few years.  He says, “I’m able to help out a couple of days each week.  I go home knowing I’ve done something worthwhile, and it’s good fun too.  Everyone likes a chat.  We really get to know people.”

You can contact Community Transport South Wiltshire on 01722 410123 or

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Nationally recognised minibus driver training on offer to Wiltshire community groups

Registered charity Community First (based in Devizes, Wiltshire) is able to offer nationally recognised Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS) training to not-for-profit community groups who either own minibuses or require the use of one.

Since MiDAS was first launched in the UK in 1996 over 150,000 drivers have been trained to the MiDAS standard and this number continues to increase.

MiDAS training ensures that your driver(s) skills are of an acceptable level. It will also make them aware of the legal, practical and safety issues surrounding minibus driving. Wiltshire Council also now requires all drivers of its minibuses to have completed MiDAS training.…

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Community Transport
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