Nationally recognised minibus driver training on offer to Wiltshire community groups

Registered charity Community First (based in Devizes, Wiltshire) is able to offer nationally recognised Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS) training to not-for-profit community groups who either own minibuses or require the use of one.

Since MiDAS was first launched in the UK in 1996 over 150,000 drivers have been trained to the MiDAS standard and this number continues to increase.

MiDAS training ensures that your driver(s) skills are of an acceptable level. It will also make them aware of the legal, practical and safety issues surrounding minibus driving. Wiltshire Council also now requires all drivers of its minibuses to have completed MiDAS training.

If your driver(s) need to use a wheelchair accessible minibus then Community First can also offer an extension to the standard MiDAS training to ensure that your drivers understand how to use wheelchair accessible safety equipment properly and how to safely transport wheelchair users in a minibus.

There is a theory and practical aspect to the MiDAS training with the whole standard MiDAS training normally lasting 1 day (+ half day for drivers wishing to undertake the accessible part of the training). If drivers reach the required standard on their practical Assessment Drive and pass their theory assessment they will receive a MiDAS certificate which enables them to drive the minibuses of other organisations that accept the MiDAS certificate without the need to be re-assessed (there are over 3,000 organisations across the UK that accept MiDAS).

MiDAS certificates are valid for four years, after which drivers will need to attend a MiDAS refresher training session in order to renew it.

Community First normally charges £95 per driver for standard MiDAS training (**although we are currently offering to train four drivers for the price of three**). For ease, Community First can also visit your organisation to deliver this training and we can utilise minibuses which you use to deliver this training if you prefer. (Rates can be negotiated if you have more than one driver to be trained.)

If you would like further information, please telephone Liam Tatton-Bennett on (01380) 732816 or e-mail



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