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Community Transport South Wiltshire

Contact: 01722 410123 (Calls are answered monrings only, outside this time, please leave a message on the answerphone)




Our service is aimed primarily at those with mobility issues or needs that cannot reasonably be met by normal transport options.  Our main aim is to alleviate social isolation and thereby enable our customers to enjoy a fuller life.  At our discretion we do also offer transport to others who don’t directly fit this group, but for whom our transport services can offer a genuine, and needed lifeline; for example those with medical conditions requiring regular transport to clinics, such as radiotherapy in Southampton.

Types of service offered

A simple car service.  Our volunteers use their own cars, so we are not directly able to take customers who travel in a wheelchair.  However, we will carry folding wheelchairs, and other aids, for those who are able to transfer to a car.  The destination is of no significance to us; it could be the hospital or the hairdresser or a friend’s house.  Any registered user can request any journey with us and we will make reasonable efforts to fulfil it; drivers permitting.

Parishes covered

We have no strict policy here.  But are based in Salisbury and so tend to attract customers within 10 miles or so of Salisbury centre.

 Amount charged

We currently have a £15 annual membership fee, and then charge customers 48 pence per mile.   Concessions are not accepted. We ask for advance payment, to charge a customer’s account.  This is then drawn down as they make journeys.  Customers receive a detailed statement, listing all their journeys, and recommending a contribution amount to top up their account, whenever their funds fall below about half of their average monthly spend.

 How to book

Our customers simply call on the above contact numberand let us know their travel requirements.   We ask that we have at least a week’s notice, as this (a) improves chances of customers getting what they want and (b) fits in better with our regular weekly despatch of jobs to our drivers.

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