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Seend Shuttle

Contact number: (07951) 030491



General Description

Pre-bookable services (e.g. shopper bus services)

No services offered – if you would like to make a comment about the fact there are no Pre-bookable services offered here please follow this link

Scheduled public transport services

  • Seend Primary School Service – operates term time only
  • Mondays – local Seend village service
  • Tuesdays – to Melksham (via Bromham?)
  • Thursdays – to Devizes (via Bromham) (please note this service will call only on request at certain stops - at least 24 hours noticed required. See timetable (below) for more details.)

Who can be carried? Anyone

Are these services door to door? No (?)

Which areas does the service cover?

  • School service covers ??
  • Monday service covers Sells Green, Seend Cleeve and Seend – The Stocks and The Bell
  • Tuesday service covers Seend, Seend Cleeve, Sells Green and Bromham
  • Thursday service covers Seend, Seend Cleeve, Sells Green and Bromham

For more information about the exact places covered by all of these services (except the School service) please see timetable (below)

Wheelchair access:No


  • School service - ??
  • Monday service (to Seend Post Office) Adult fares: £1 adult return 70p single. Child fares (under 16 years) 70p return 40p single.
  • Tuesday service (to Melksham via Bromham?) Adult fares: £3 return single ? Child fares (under 16 years) £2 return single ?
  • Thursday service (to Devizes via Bromham) Adult fares: £3 return £2 single. Child fares (under 16 years) £1.50 return single ?

Bus Passes accepted:Yes (on all services except school service?)

Timetable: Available on Seend Shuttle website. Direct weblink:

Trips/days out

Monthly trips:First Wednesday of the month service – From Seend to Salisbury. Anyone living in and around Seend can be carried. Cost: normally £4 depending on numbers of people travelling (bus passes not accepted on this service). For more information and/or to book your seat (by the Monday before the first Wednesday of the month at the latest) please call Alison Cobbing on (07951) 030491.

Group transport services – with driver

Groups wishing to use the Seend Shuttle are usually expected to find their own driver. If you would like to make a comment about this please follow this link

Group transport services – self drive

Vehicle available / seats: Volkswagen Crafter (not wheelchair accessible) / 16 passenger seats

Type of groups that can be carried: Available for private hire by individual villagers or village organisations.

Geographical area bookings accepted from: Seend and surrounding area

Cost: 85p per mile run (with a reduction for miles over 200). This charge includes fuel. Minimum charge of £10.

Driver restrictions: Drivers need to be approved and accepted on to the Seend Shuttle’s list of insured drivers.



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