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CT Online is a community transport search facility that allows you to seek out your local community-run transport service in any area of England or Northern Ireland.

At CT Online, you can find out where transport providers are located, what services they provide and how to locate them. It also provides direct links to operators own websites.  Visit


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Link schemes are community-based, volunteer run charities based predominantly in Wiltshire that aim to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged, elderly or infirm people by providing a structured ‘good neighbour’ service.

Link schemes predominantly provide a support service to enable those without access to transport to access local services and facilities.  The service is provided by volunteers using their own cars and - depending on volunteer availability - can involve taking someone to a medical appointment, taking them shopping or to visit an old friend. Some Link schemes also can provide ‘good neighbour’ care.

For people using Link scheme transport services, a donation is requested from passengers using Link volunteers’ cars to cover the mileage expenses incurred by the volunteers.

Each Link scheme is run by a group of local volunteers managed by a local Link Co-ordinator.  Users wishing to use the scheme simply call their local co-ordinator who will then endeavour to arrange for a volunteer to carry out the task.

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WAVeSS (Wiltshire All Vehicle Sharing Scheme)

The Wiltshire All Vehicle Sharing Scheme (or WAVeSS for short) is a Wiltshire-based scheme which acts as a ‘go between’ connecting local community organisations that own passenger carrying vehicles with local groups needing affordable transport by brokering a virtual ‘pool’ of community owned vehicles.

WAVeSS is designed simply to give community-based organisations the chance to lend or borrow vehicles that are not being used all of the time.

Based on a similar established project in Gloucestershire, the main focus of the scheme is on sharing minibuses although it is envisaged that other passenger vehicles owned by community groups will be incorporated into the scheme as it develops.

The scheme works by taking care of all the business of making vehicles available to the community (such as legal issues, vehicle bookings and driver arrangements) before passing a fee to vehicle lenders after each journey which can be put towards vehicle running and replacement costs.

There are also robust policies in place to ensure that vehicles made available through the scheme are used responsibly and considerately.

Charges for WAVeSS vehicles are set by WAVeSS vehicle lenders. Please enquire to the scheme for details.

For more information about the scheme please click HERE.

For a WAVeSS Membership Application form please click HERE.

For a Community First and WAVeSS Membership form please click HERE.

For further information, please contact Liam Tatton-Bennett on 01380 732816 or email


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